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National Zinfandel Day

National Zinfandel Day is tomorrow, Wednesday, November 18th. As the Zinfandel blog of record I feel compelled to make sure all of you open a bottle of Zinfandel to celebrate.

Zinfandel is without question the All-American grape. For those of you that are new to Zinfandel there are many resources beyond my blog that are worth your attention.

Zinfandel Advocates & Producers (ZAP) is dedicated to educating the public about Zinfandel and bringing together Zinfandel advocates at a series of yearly events.

Historic Vineyard Society is dedicated to preserving the heritage vineyards of California. Take a moment to visit the site as it is a wealth of information about treasured vineyards like Monte Rosso, Pagani and Hayne. They also do a once a year tasting and vineyard tour that I do hope to participate in one of these years.

Please comment here on what bottle of Zinfandel you plan to open tomorrow. If not here, tag me on Instagram or Twitter. On Wednesday night, when you open that Zinfandel, please include the hashtag #NationalZinfandelDay.

Happy National Zinfandel Day!


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